Family Photos in Decatur, Alabama

Every family session I get to photograph is special. I’m acutely aware that the images we create together have the potential to be seen for generations to come, and it’s always my goal to honor that. When the Smiths decided to have their family photos in Decatur, Alabama, I got to planning how we could capture the essence of this season with three little boys.

It didn’t seem natural to plan static poses and try to catch everyone smiling just perfectly at the camera the entire time. How often do young kids really stay still, anyway? So I thought through the elements I did want to capture. Playfulness. Silliness. Movement. Those were certain. But as a mom of three little boys, myself, I know that tucked away into little moments of the day, there’s also tenderness. There are moments of connection. Moments where a mom (and a dad) feel so much love from and toward their little ones that their hearts could just burst. Those are the things I want you to remember.

So as I photographed the Smith family at Delano Park in Decatur, I worked to pull these moments from everyone. We played games. We laughed. And we created time for the tenderness, too.

Mallory Bell Photography is a Huntsville, Alabama maternity, newborn, and family photographer creating timeless imagery to document every stage of motherhood and family, from bump to baby and beyond. I capture your family honestly and candidly so you’ll always remember exactly how the little details felt. In the rush of life, it’s easy to overlook the ordinary moments. I aim to document the love between you and your little ones in a joyful, heartfelt way so your legacy will live on for generations to come.

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Film scanned by Photovision.


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