How to Prep for Your In-Home Newborn Session

I often get asked how to prep for your in-home newborn session. Sometimes clients can get a little overwhelmed at the thought of getting their homes spotlessly clean and tidy, especially with a newborn baby to care for. Let me just start here. Your home does not have to be perfectly clean for your session to be absolutely beautiful. I promise. In fact, I would never expect it to be! You did just have a baby after all!

Now that we’ve got that out of the way, I do have some simple tips to help you prep your home for your newborn session. They’re super quick, and if you don’t have a chance to get to them, I can help when I arrive.

  1. Open any curtains and blinds. This will let the most natural light into your home, which will help me evaluate where the best places to photograph your family will be. Because I use a combination of digital and film photography, I need lots of window light to capture your family. Allowing all the beautiful light to pour through your windows is the best thing you can do to prepare for your session.
  2. Turn off all the overhead lights and lamps. Yes, I know. I just told you that I need lots of light. But natural light coming in from the windows is much different than light coming from light fixtures. Bulb light tends to give a yellow glow, which isn’t the most natural or flattering in photographs. So take just a minute or two to turn off any lights in your home.
  3. Do a quick tidy. And I mean quick! Just taking five minutes to put away burp cloths, toddler toys, used bottles, pumps, or trash will help us get started. But truly, if you don’t have time for this one, I will help when I get there. And I promise you I’m not judging the state of your home. I’ve had three babies, so I completely get it!

There are my three quick tips for preparing for your in-home newborn session. Remember that it’s way more important to me that you feel relaxed and excited that it is for your home to be clean, so please don’t stress leading up to your session. Take some time to get ready, rest, feed your baby, and it will all be ok!

in-home newborn session
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how to prep for your in-home newborn session
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prep for in-home newborn session
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prep for in-home newborn session

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